Welcome to She.Lee.Music. We provide music therapy and music education services in beautiful Richmond, BC and its surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide quality services that promote health, wellness, learning and creative expression for people of all ages and abilities. Our passion is to bring together families, friends and communities through music.


Saturday, November 5, 2016: Sheila is super excited to be speaking at the Nanaimo Child Development Centre’s “Nature of Play” conference this fall! If you’re interested in music, play, healing, and child development, this conference is for you!Nature of Play 2016 Conference

Opening Keynote: Nature Based Play

Afternoon workshops: Mindfulness, Aboriginal play, Healing, Music Therapy

Closing Keynote: Laughter!

For more information: Nanaimo Child Development Centre: “Nature of Play” conference

Mondays, July 18 – August 29, 2016: “Building Bridges with Music” music therapy sessions will be running in the summer!  Each participant will be paired up with a teen volunteer.  Music therapy portion led by Sheila and Mary.  No session August 1st.

Time: 4:15-5:15pm

Location: City Centre Community Centre

Address: 5900 Minoru Blvd, Richmond BC (between Lansdowne & Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line Stations)

For more info or to register, call 1-888-247-5071 Ext. 760

Website: Social Diversity for Children Foundation

May & June 2016: Recording studio time! Alexina and Sheila have visited the Face of Today (FOT) studio with their clients twice these past 2 months.  The FOT Foundation has donated their studio in downtown Vancouver for music therapy recordings.  FoT recording studioMusic Heals FOT Vault door - rounded borderhas secured funding from Telus to sponsor 20 sessions in 2016 as part of their Community Fund mandate to support children, health and technology.

FOT has offered to match that donation, to total $20,000 dedicated to the project.  Music therapy clients 30 and under are eligible.  The studio is inside an old bank vault! That’s producer Krev Mack on the left and the vault door on the right.  Thank you so much to FOT, Telus, and Music Heals.

Tuesdays, May 17 – June 21, 2016: “Building Bridges with Music” is an after school music therapy program for children and youth with special needs.  Each participant will be paired up with a teen volunteer.  Snacks, games, music therapy, and more! Music therapy portion led by Sheila.

Spring 2016 BBM poster

Time: 4-5:30pm

Location: William Cook Elementary School (Resource Room)

Address: 8600 Cook Rd, Richmond BC (near Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line Station)

Fee: $48 for 6 sessions. Subsidized program offered by the youth-led, Social Diversity for Children Foundation.

For more info or to register, call 1-888-247-5071 Ext. 760

Website: Social Diversity for Children Foundation

March 22, 2016: Amelia, Alexina, and Sheila are leading a special music class for 20+ Syrian refugee children at The Arts Connection.  The children have recently arrived in Canada and are staying in Richmond until they find more permanent housing.  We hope our music will welcome them to Canada, help transition them to their new home, strengthen their English skills, and connect them with some of The Arts Connection’s students!

Sun, March 20, 2016: She.Lee.Music is marching and raising money for the March for Music Therapy event! Our goal is $2000.  Help us raise money for music therapy clients across Canada. Deadline to donate is March 30th.  Click here to donate or find out more info: Fundraiser

March 2016: March is our favourite because it’s Music Therapy Awareness Month!  Visit Music Heals for more info #MusicMakesMe.  Stuff happening this month:

A NIGHT OUT FOR MUSIC HEALS:  On Sat, Mar 5th, 70 bars across the country are donating $1 of their cover charge to supporting music therapy programs in their home province.

SUPPORT MUSIC THERAPY WITH A BOTTLE OF GIN: Tempo Gin is donating $1 per bottle sold this month to Music Heals! Currently available in 30 stores in the Lower Mainland.

SEE YOU AT SEASONS FESTIVAL: Music Heals is a charity partner of Seasons Festival. Bring your old iPods and find them at Vancouver’s biggest electronic music festival, March 23-27.

JOIN THE RUNNING TEAMS IN CALGARY AND VANCOUVER: Join local music industry, radio hosts, music therapists and music fans on the Music Heals teams at the Modo Spring Run-Off (March 20th), Calgary Marathon (May 29th) and Vancouver Half Marathon (June 26th). Don’t worry, we only run the 5K!

DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC HEALS RUNNING PLAYLIST: A playlist for the Modo 8K has been created and you can download it now. It features music from 10 amazing artists including Delhi 2 Dublin, Bend Sinister, and the new single from Dominique Fricot.

DROP OFF YOUR IPOD IN A MODO CAR: Speaking of Modo and the iPod Pharmacy, Modo Car Co-op is collecting good-as-new iPods in all 450+ vehicles in Vancouver and Victoria this month!

BILLBOARDS AND BUS SHELTERS: Watch for billboards and bus shelters in BC this month (take a photo and send it to Music Heals), and listen for our public service announcements on radio stations across the country.

February 17th, 2016: Mental health problems in children are a growing issue.  Sheila was interviewed by Huffington Post Canada about music and its effects on mental health.  Read what she had to say: How These Educators Approach Mental Health in the Classroom

HuffPost Canada - Mental Health in the Classroom

January 2016: Last year flew by! Happy new year to you all and wishing you a wonderful 2016.

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